My name is Callum Hutchinson and I am currently studying a Computer Science Degree at University, in my spare time I like to do some recreational programming. The must fun thing to program I find is Minecraft Mods, as you can see tangible results fairly quickly but you can then make them complicated and create unique ideas within the game. On this website I will host content that I have created including my own mods, as well as tutorials to help everyone get started in creating their own content.

Although I have an academic interest in computers, I also maintain a recreational interest aswell. Building my own computer was a process which I found useful, it allowed me to understand more about the hardware components of a computer.

I also participate in hockey, having played for teams for several years  University has given me the opportunity to play for a talented side. This has not only developed my skill further but also introduced me to a group of people with very different backgrounds.

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