Runaway Cube

Runaway Cube is an Android game that I have developed using the Unity Engine, currently the game is in the pre-release stage as bugs are removed and features are added. The game is my first game that I have developed and fully released, it is by no means a technical master piece and will probably remind you of games likes ‘The Impossible Game’. I have released the app for free with video ads powered by UnityAds being shown now and then, this app is by no means designed to make me money but I would at least like to see the number of people is takes make certain brackets of money.

Get it on Google Play

The game uses Google Play Services to power the leaderboards and achievements, the later of which is always being added to as I think of new ways to reward the users. The leaderboard is currently fully working, this did take me some time to fiddle with and it had problems with the game connecting to the server. However that should all be resolved and functioning as intended. The main problem with the leaderboard at the moment is the fact that users have set scores on different versions, this makes it hard to compare scores. I could wipe the leaderboard each time a new version comes out but there is no easy way of doing that with Google Play Services. On release the leaderboard will be wiped so as to start a fresh.

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