Setting Up – Java, Eclipse, Forge

Until you are able to mod, you will have to setup you development environment, along with this knowledge in the Java language will be important. Before you carry on reading I will give you the links to the soft ware you need to download.

  • Java Development Kit (JDK)
    • You will need to know what kind of architecture your computer is (32bit or 64bit), and I assume you know what type of Operating System you are using.
  • Eclipse (IDE)
    • Download the latest version – as of writing that is ‘Eclipse Luna 4.4.1’
  • Forge
    • Download the latest version of the ‘src’ as there is no stable release for 1.8 yet

My installation instructions are for Windows 8.1 and may differ slightly on other Windows versions, although it will differ on other Operating Systems it should be fairly self explanatory using some common sense.

First install the JDK it should install just like normal Java.

To prepare for the next steps create a folder which you will use to store your mod(s), I call mine simply ‘Minecraft_Modding’. Create a sub folder for your mod, then extract the contents of the forge src into this folder. You will then have something that looks like this:

Launch a command prompt from within the folder (shift + right click), then run the command gradlew.bat setupDecompWorkspace . Allow this to run and then run  gradlew.bat eclipse . These commands will have setup forge ready to use with eclipse.

Open Eclipse from within its folder. when asked for a workspace navigate to your mod folder and select the ‘eclipse’ folder and click Ok. Let it load, you should now be presented with the Eclipse interface. On the left in Project Explorer you should see a folder called ‘Minecraft’, open it up and you will see something similar to below.

Now to test that everything is setup ok, run the client by clicking the green play button. If all things are setup correctly you should see the console fill up with text and eventually Minecraft launch. You should see that there are 4 mods installed, you can quit now. Before we wrap up delete the ‘com.example.examplemod’ package in ‘src/main/java’ as this is useless and we will be creating our own.


If you have any trouble comment in the forum thread for this tutorial and I will help.

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